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The Medicare health plan offers a “Welcome to Medicare” preventive healthcare visit to all new enrollees. During this visit, our provider will review your current state of health and medical history. They will also offer healthcare information, and the data collected by our provider will help as baseline measurements for monitoring your health.

When you enroll in Medicare Part B, you have the option of scheduling a “Welcome to Medicare” physical checkup. This health check is optional and can take place at any time during the initial twelve (12) months of joining Medicare.

The “Welcome to Medicare” physical is not the same as a detailed annual physical exam, and Medicare parts A and B do not cover this kind of health service.

The “Welcome to Medicare” physical allows you to meet with your primary care provider and discuss any health concerns. Our providers will perform a health test and, if necessary, create a plan of care. This visit aims to promote wellness and prevent possible future illness by highlighting risk factors.

Medicare Part B completely covers the cost of the “Welcome to Medicare” visit if done with a provider that accepts Medicare. We are a Medicare provider.

Medicare may cover routine vaccinations, specific screening tests, and other preventive measures.

Medicare does not cover additional laboratory tests or any necessary treatments.

The initial measurements gathered during the “Welcome to Medicare” visit will be used for comparison in subsequent Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) or other visits to assess someone’s ongoing health status.

During the visit, our provider will take a range of measurements, including:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Body fat
  • Body mass index (BMI)
  • Respiration rate
  • Vision

Our provider will assess your mental health and ability to function safely in the home and broader community.

In addition to this basic examination, our providers will ask your family and personal medical history questions. This information allows our provider to determine any risk factors for future illnesses or conditions, and it will also help them recommend any appropriate screening measures or further tests.

During the “Welcome to Medicare” visit, our providers can schedule appointments for routine preventive care. They may provide education and counseling for specific health conditions or referrals to other healthcare professionals.

Advance Directives: this is a topic to be covered during the visit. An advance directive is a legal document that contains information about the healthcare you want to receive if your illness or condition prevented you from speaking or making your own medical decisions. Also, you will name someone who could make medical decisions on your behalf. Creating an advance directive helps make sure that healthcare professionals involved in your care understand your future healthcare wishes.

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